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Welcome to IanAlston.Absolutely.Exposed!

Ian Alston

Hello! My name is Ian Alston but I'm often known as Olly Grumps. Welcome to my site!

Please click on my photo or here to enter, but ONLY if you are at least 21 years old

I'm a 74 year old retired widower with four grown children and living in North Yorkshire, UK. I'm an ardent nudist and love being with other naked people both on line and face to face. I'm more an exhibitionist than a voyeur. I just love to be seen naked and I like to touch and be touched. I describe myself as Bi.

This site gives me an opportunity to fully expose my naked self, something I enjoy as a nude exhibitionist. I have thousands of nude photos on TrueNudists.com , TrueSwingers.com, and Flickr (2 accounts), all of which are open for anyone to see and are easily downloaded. I'm also a member of British Naturists and go on many nude holidays each year in search of the sun. Visitors are welcome to contact me (at olly.grumps@btinternet.com ) and to expose me further wherever they like. I make no secret of my nudist lifestyle - everyone around me knows about it. So it isn't a secret.

Outside of nudism I enjoy art (both collecting and creating small sculptures and pictures - usually nudes); gardening; hiking; DIY; amateur dramatics; and working for my village community. Incidentally I do them naked when I can. I also enjoy a pint or two of beer.

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